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Coach Brown

- BS in Physical Education and Health Education

- College basketball player

- Started career with YMCA at 14 years old and started training athletes at 18yrs old

- Graduated IUPUI in 2006 as a Top 100 Student

- Founded Change Fitness in 2013

- Experienced endurance athlete: 5k-50miler, World’s Toughest Mudder, 1st Perfect Spartan Delta in Indiana, Death Race, International Agoges (China & Japan), 10+ Spartan Trifecta Holder, Ultra Beasts, SISU Iron

- Married (Allison is a Registered Nurse), 3 young sons (Dominic age 5, Gabriel age 2, and Chase age 1)

- Has trained D1 athletes to average joe’s that have lost over 100lbs.

- Enjoys training people that at a transitional point in life (new job, depression, recovering from injury, burnt out on the daily grind

-Founder of Champion Chaser racing team

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