Change Fitness Success Stories

  • Emily L. , Change Fitness Testimonials

    Love this place! Such a happy place to go! The group is amazing and the instructors are awesome! I’ve never felt more comfortable working out somewhere and it’s so much fun!!

    Emily L.
  • Mollie F. , Change Fitness Testimonials

    Devon and Change fitness are amazing! I grew up as an athlete and once I was out of college I really never worked out, I would attempt it, but never lasted because I'm not motivated to just go to a gym. Then finally I was introduced to Spartan Bootcamp presented by Change Fitness. This class was just what I needed, it was a new and creative way to push myself to the max and Devon is great at coming up with creative things - no class has ever been the same. So then I was able to get Devon connected with my workplace and he now also offers a CorpFit at my workplace for me and my colleagues. In CorpFit we have some that have never worked out to some that are pretty active and Devon does a great job at putting together classes for all levels while challenging and encouraging everyone!

    Mollie F.
  • Keith B. , Change Fitness Testimonials

    I started my journey August 2015 @ 280 lbs all on my own. Struggled with the normal , commitment , what I needed to do to get the best results but somehow managed to push through somehow. By time spring came around I was struggling with many personal problems and about to the point of giving up. When Kelly Wampler invited me to attend her class...thank you kelly. I found this new drive and motivation fueled by Mr. Devon Brown and this group of some of the strongest people I know. Thank you everybody and thank you Change fitness.

    Keith B.
  • Jennifer M. , Change Fitness Testimonials

    Devon is a fantastic trainer! He is incredibly knowledgeable and creative so he makes working out both fun and challenging for any fitness level - whether it is in Boot Camp or Personal Training. Even in a group setting, he works with each person individually and has a unique gift for helping people push themselves and overcome their personal obstacles without ever demanding it. I've been to many trainers in my fitness life and Devon is by far the best and I highly recommend him.

    Jennifer M.
  • Celina V. , Change Fitness Testimonials

    What you put in this bootcamp you get out even more. Devon is a great trainer and doesn't let me give up. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and knows how far to push me so I can have the results I want. Very knowledgeable and puts up with all the crazy questions I can come up with. I have been coming almost a year and have seen nothing but results. You won't be disappointed.

    Celina V.
  • April S., Change Fitness Testimonials

    I have a love hate relationship with Devon and Change Fitness Devon will push you, but will encourage you at the same time. He often has more confidence in me then I have in myself! If you would have asked me a year ago if I would even consider getting up at 5am to work out I would have just laughed. I have a long way to go in my fitness journey, but am closer than I have ever been before thanks to Devon and Change Fitness!!

    April S.
  • Gary C. , Change Fitness Testimonials

    The name says it all. You may be an elite athlete, but you still want to change your fitness level, or like me, you are a 50 year old wanting to get into better shape... Change Fitness helps at what ever level you are at.

    Gary C.
  • Ash M. , Change Fitness Testimonials

    It's nice to work with someone who doesn't just see it as a job. You can tell he really cares about helping you get to your goals. The passion he has for it truly rubs off on you. I am really glad I chose to go. My husband and I go together too!

    Ash M.
  • Tammy K. , Change Fitness Testimonials

    Change fitness is awesome! Devon is a great trainer. I like how each session is different, challenging, and fun at the same time! With Change fitness I have stayed motivated and actually see myself reaching my fitness goals!

    Tammy K.
  • David J., Change Fitness Testimonials

    Devon does a fantastic job with his boot camps, as well as his personal training. He pushes each person to their max potential! I only wish I had started sooner. This is money well spent!

    David J.

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